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Less Than Zero
really liked it
It was oddly wrote but I think for a purpose, like stream of consciousness. It was definitely one of the most crazy and messed up stories I've ever read, maybe the most messed up. It's disturbing to think that anyone could have potential...
The Midnight Star
it was amazing
The only bad I can say of The Midnight Star is that it ends. Marie Lu's The Young Elite Trilogy was an exciting, heartbreaking, awe inspiring story and its close was no less amazing. The story of Adeline and the Elites was invigorating. ...
tagged: all-time-favorites
Roko's Labyrinth
it was amazing
Intense and Exciting Blackburn's Roko's Labyrinth is an intense and unusual tale that keeps you guessing to the end, the very end. AI has rarely been this cool.
The Fever Code
it was amazing
I love prequels, and this one was no exception. Getting to see the events leading up to Dashner's The Maze Runner trilogy was so great. It answered all of my questions and made me even more mad at WICKED. When I finished I was on such a ...


At the age of eleven, Jordon Greene entered a local short story competition in the North Carolina foothills with a longtime classmate and friend. Despite not garnering the win and that Jordon only illustrated the writings of his friend, the competition sparked an interest within Jordon for storytelling.

Over the years to follow, extending through his last days in college at UNC Charlotte, Jordon continued to hone his writing. It was not until after graduation that he was able to find his method and voice over the graveyard of several prematurely ended stories. A few years later, in May of 2016, Jordon accomplished his dream of publication when he released his first full-length novel, They′ll Call It Treason. He has since released multiple short horror story and his Amazon Bestselling Horror novel To Watch You Bleed.

Jordon attributes his love of reading to Michael Crichton′s Jurassic Park and The Lost World novels. He also enjoys anything by James Rollins, Marie Lu, Dean Koontz and James Alan Gardner. A hard rock fan, Jordon works as a full-stack web developer in Concord, North Carolina where he resides just close enough and just far enough away from Charlotte.

Jordon is also a member of the Horror Writers Association.